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Doddie Weir & Rob Burrow

All profits from sales of the product will go towards MND research “It can’t sap your spirit” Sporting Connection  Rob Burrow MBE and Doddie Weir OBE are sporting legends in the world of rugby – league and union – and now the friends have combined to launch a new premium gin for fans to purchase and […]

Northwest Passage Expedition Gin

Sporting Connection Imagine one of the most hazardous sea routes you could undertake in the world, the North West Passage connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and then take an intrepid group of world-class rowers who have committed to achieve this incredible feat, facing the harshest conditions on earth, in zero degree temperatures rowing up to 12 hours a day over a two-month period, completely unsupported, left […]

Matt Hampson

Sporting Connection  Matt has every rugby player’s heart and soul… there but for the grace of God… and so does any badly injured person who is the wrong side of Lady Luck. Instead of lamenting what he’d lost, Matt made a decision to focus on the things he could still do and enjoy and ‘get busy […]

Michael Vaughan

Sporting Connection  We chose one of the rainy days at Lords this season to attend an Ashes match where not a ball was bowled. What bad luck given the drama of the series. But it meant that we spent some time with  former England Cricket Captain Michael Vaughan and learnt of his plans to launch […]

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