Fines Master Gin

Fines Master is the culmination between two best mates mutual love of sport and the occasional raucous celebrations that frequently follow.

Mike Rhodes and Pat Cilliers have been best mates for 20 years. Both have played professional rugby at a high level around the world and both agree the memories they will treasure the most are not the victories or trophies won but the memories of celebrating and socialising with friends and family, and usually a couple beverages! So when talking about the dreaded post rugby career choices, they came to the conclusion that what would be better suited than channeling their energies into creating a tipple that would perfectly compliment life’s great occasions. Whether celebrating a victory or lamenting a loss, a good G&T always makes the occasion better.

With the help of renowned distiller Sion Edwards they have created a gin that embodies both the spirit and camaraderie of sport, with the energetic celebrations that follow any moment worth drinking too.

Fines Master Gin’s foundation lies with the “holy” trinity of gin. Juniper, Coriander and Angelica, followed by a wonderful blend of orange, lime and grapefruit. This zesty gin taste is rounded of with camomile, liquorice, orris and cassia. This is a fresh citrus twist on a traditional London Dry, just begging for sunshine and tonic! The gin is prepared by loading the still with a grain based alcohol and water, with the still at 50℃ the botanicals are then added and left over night. This process allows for all the oils and flavours from the botanicals to be released and infused into the spirit. With the temperature increased, distillation begins. The head and tail is removed and the heart is taken to produce only the highest quality gin. Once rested to allow the botanical flavours to incorporate together with the spirit, water is used to dilute down to 40%. Fines Master is now ready to be enjoyed in good company!

The unique wrap that covers the bottle has been designed to represent the jersey that rugby players wear. Unwrapping a bottle of Fines Master mimics removing a jersey post game and searching for that perfect G&T to kick off the festivities!



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Fines Master are looking forward to working with Sporting Wine Club because it brings our two favourite hobbies together in drink and sport. We are honoured to be part of a club with other fabulous brands.

Rob Smith, Operations Manager