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Alejandro Munoz

Bodega Hiriart Wine Estate | Valladolid. España | Rugby

The Wine
Bodega Hiriart is a new winery with history and experience, which combines traditional and new technology to ensure Quality, the objective of this family business!The winery is built on top of the old, underground warehouse which dates back to 1750 when the ancestors of the family manually excavated the vaults which still remain. Today, tribute has been paid to the ancestors who were able to unite and convey the best of the wine culture of Castile and Bordeaux.

Sporting Connection
Alejandro plays for both the Spanish league and the 7´s world championship with the 7´s Spanish team.

Alejandro’s link with Bodega Hiriart dates almost from the foundation of the winery, when he started harvesting when he was just 14 years old. Since then he has been part of the Hiriart wines production team helping during the harvest both in the field and in the winery, though life as a medicine student and professional rugby player now takes up most of his time.

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