The 30 best South African wines under £20/$30

Sporting Wine Club is so proud to announce that two of Schalk Burger’s reds – Cricket Pitch and Bohemian Syrah- have made it into the Decanter list of best SA wines under £20 and with thanks to MW Greg Sherwood at Handford Wines who made the selection.  It is such an accolade given the competition in this section of the market. Cricket Pitch is the iconic heart and soul of Sporting Wine Club, an outstanding Bordeaux Blend made from the grapes circling the boundary at Schalk Burger’s Welbedacht Cricket Oval on his wine farm.
The Bohemian Syrah captures the sense of freedom of spirit in the Webedacht range and enjoys an exceptional reputation in the Cape and beyond. We all owe ourselves a case or more to keep us smiling through the winter months and it will look ideal on the table for Christmas Day. The back label describes a Bohemian as a person with artistic or intellectual tendencies, who lives and acts with no regard for conventional rules of behaviour! There is something of the Bohemian in all of us ?
Decanter knows it’s wines and we are ready for the surge of interest but be assured our members will come first so do not delay !