Champions and Challengers in European Club Rugby – the supreme class of 23.

There are cycles in sport, and in rugby most certainly. I remember in my first year as Chairman of EPCR in 2015 the absence of Irish teams in the KO stages was notable and caused much soul searching in the Emerald Isle. But their development structures and off field management were excellent. Now they reap the benefit and will do so for years to come, both provincially and nationally. 

Expectant Irish to fulfil their destiny

The Six Nations has not disappointed.  A relative implosion by England and Wales mirroring their own internal problems first created a unique drama and their toughest challenges are ahead of them this weekend. 

Triple helpings for a Rugby Super Saturday

The dysfunctional nature of our underperforming club game in England was never more obvious than at the weekend as two of the country’s best players in their position could not appear for the top of table clash between Sale and Saracens.

Chalk and Cheese in thrilling Six Nations weekend

We can safely say that the Rugby World Cup will be epic. Enough teams have worked out that high intensity attacking rugby will be the only way to win. Some sides are fine-tuning their approach and we saw that this weekend. One or two others are yet to start…

Scarlets, Coaches and Wine

Sporting Wine Club is proud and privileged to be part of the Scarlets long and distinguished rugby history. Most notably in supplying their two commemorative wines, the 9-3 (celebrating the famous win over the All Blacks) and the 1872 (the year of Llanelli’s foundation).

The stuff of Sporting Champions

When Ireland won at Twickenham in their first match following England’s Rugby World Cup triumph in 2003, we joked that only Ireland could peak the best side in the world after the World Cup had ended!

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