SWC’s Sumaridge Estate Winemaker, Walter Pretorius visits the UK and holds a winetasting at the ICAEW

We were thrilled to introduce Walter Pretorius, winemaker at Sumaridge, to our members in early September. He took us through the entire Sumaridge portfolio explaining how each wine is made and how they harvest their grapes. Our members thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we are already looking a dates in the new year for Walter to come and visit us again!

“In all honesty, I really don’t know a lot about wine and I am usually wary of wine tasting events as in my experience they tend to be quite tedious and pretentious but I have to say the atmosphere at all the SWC events is so welcoming and not at all daunting. The mixture of sport and wine is such a great one and being a sports nut I am now learning about wine in a very comfortable environment. I really couldn’t recommend the club more. It brings the fun back into learning about wine. My wife bought me my membership for my last birthday; that was a great shout!”
Richard Abbott, SWC member