Sporting Wine Club Included in EP Innovates

Our great friends and supporters EP have featured us in their Innovates platform, showcasing entrepreneurs in the food, drink, services and technology industries.

EPinnovates tells the stories of entrepreneurs who engage with EP. Each has a different tale, is on an adventure, often overcoming diverse obstacles but all are looking to improve businesses and create value. They have courageously taken on the difficult challenges and are, in many ways, the last pioneers. Accessing these new ideas and exciting innovation can be difficult – both to find and to truly discover. 

EP was founded on principles of trust, community and relationships and on a belief that it is important to support the innovation entrepreneurs and smaller business bring for the future of our industry. This process of belief and conviction has long existed and we hope it continues today.

We are thrilled to be recognised in their thoughts at this early stage of our development. We believe that we have a unique story and product range and hope that this helps us in moving forward successfully. Please do take a look at their website!