Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW)

Sporting Wine Club made its debut at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Moorgate thanks to the introduction of EP Hospitality. What a hidden jewel in the crown of the City of London. Beautiful surroundings and conducive to a tasting of Schalk Burgers wines together with some Bordeaux Blend French Flair to round off the rugby theme.

This was a gathering of Executive PA’s who of course are the key people in their Managers business lives and organise everything! They were the ideal audience to listen to the wine stories from the Sporting Wine Club team with hopefully a chance sometime to impress their bosses as well!

Mon Rene Sparkling was an immediate hit with its fresh yet full bodied taste and no one could quite believe the price compared to Champagne when they couldn’t really tell the difference! Named after Schalk’s daughter Rene, this MCC sparkling wine tells a real and personal story.

Meerkat Sauvignon Blanc is fast becoming a favourite with its crispness and elegant finish along with its sister the Meerkat Burrow Blend, a merlot with a difference.

They are living up to their names as the most Gregarious wines in South Africa!

Every wine here has a story to it and the assembled audience seemed to enjoy their experience.


For us at SWC, we all hoped that it may not be the last time we would visit this jewel in the crown.

Thanks to EP and the ICAEW, till the next time!

“EP is delighted to work with and support the Sporting Wine Club as it is a great cause and the wines are simply excellent. People today want to experience the new and unusual and the SWC’s wines meet this criteria as the wines come from the estates of great sports players who have a genuine love for wine. They are authentic and of a very high quality. We enjoy working with the club for two reasons. Our clients really enjoy the wines and engaging with Simon, Chris and their team and have created an unique experience that brings together the worlds of sport and hospitality in a relaxed, informal and fun way. We look forward to having a long term relationship.”
Chris Sheppardson, Founder, Chess Executive