We have a number of unique gifting options to really surprise and delight your sport-and-wine-loving family and friends. Ranging from carefully selected bottle options to vouchers and club membership, there really is something for everyone! Please note that all gifts have accompanying tasting notes with an explanation of their unique sporting story as well as the option to send a personalised message.


1 Bottle Box

2 Bottle Box

3 Bottle Box

In Honour of Bob

Limited Edition

Sporting Specific Cases of 6

If you have a specific gift in mind, you can of course choose your own combinations of our sporting wines and spirits. Check out our complete portfolio here and once you have chosen just let us know via titus@sportingwineclub.com and we will price it up for you.

Sporting Spirits


If you aren’t sure about your friends’ or loved-ones’ taste in wine then send them on of our gift vouchers and we will give them a bespoke 1-1 service so they can order their perfect case tailored to their sport and wine preference!


To find out more about our membership packages, please click here

To buy membership as a gift, please email: titus@sportingwineclub.com

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