Cipriani Bellini Arrives In Harrods!

There can be no more prestigious name in UK Retailing than Harrods. It’s long history and reputation for excellence goes without saying and few people know that their origins date back to Borough High Street in 1824 a far cry from the world leading brand that it is today.

Sporting Wine Club are delighted to have introduced the classic Cipriani Original Bellini to the Wine Hall at Harrods.  Mirroring their long history and rise to excellence – originally created in Harry’s Bar Venice in 1948 – the exceptional quality of the Cipriani Bellini is today recognised by Harrods for acceptance into their respected Wine Hall, which offers only the best luxury products from world-leading brands.

We are confident that our Bellini, already a firm favourite with the membership of SWC, will assume a prominent position further afield.

Thank you Harrods, your confidence in us is appreciated and we look forward to a long association.

To purchase a case of Cipriani Bellini direct from SWC please click here.