A European Rugby Final To Celebrate For Any Age

First, a look back.

At a World Rugby meeting three years to determine a solution to the global calendar, Bernard Laporte asserted that the Champions Cup was ‘passé’, and no one really supported it anyway, so let us move on to something else. The then next in line to Chairman of our game globally showed just how out of touch administrators can be.

Rugby Finals to savour across Europe

There were three big professional rugby contests in England over the weekend, this very much the sharp end of the season leading into the club Finals.

The Crowning Glory of Rugby?

As we approach such an historic weekend, whether you are a royalist or no, I shall lace my comments with a relentless sense of optimism, even if it sometimes very hard in this great game of rugby.

Gaucho Covent Garden Grand Opening

After a decade, we are thrilled to announce that we will be returning to London with a brand-new restaurant in Covent Garden, opening its doors on 1st June.

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look forward to the rest of the season and the England v France Six Nations women’s rugby match is high on the watch list as more than 50,000 are expected at Twickenham. Awesome, and the imbalances elsewhere for the ‘other half’ of the Championship will be forgotten momentarily but it is a real issue. 

Champions and Challengers in European Club Rugby – the supreme class of 23.

There are cycles in sport, and in rugby most certainly. I remember in my first year as Chairman of EPCR in 2015 the absence of Irish teams in the KO stages was notable and caused much soul searching in the Emerald Isle. But their development structures and off field management were excellent. Now they reap the benefit and will do so for years to come, both provincially and nationally. 

Rugby – a question of balance

The Six Nations hangover kicked in almost immediately, the main issue centring on Freddie Steward’s rescinded red, sadly taking away from Ireland’s peerless performances and a sensational tournament. The answer is simple- publish the protocol but give the referee the final and irrevocable say in the name of rugby. They are the essential oxygen for our game and my admiration has been long declared. It is the administrators who take away or enhance their empathy.

Louis Oosthuizen Virtual Tasting

12th April 2023 | 6pm

We are very privileged to be stocking and distributing Louis 57 wines and it’s an exciting summer ahead.

Expectant Irish to fulfil their destiny

The Six Nations has not disappointed.  A relative implosion by England and Wales mirroring their own internal problems first created a unique drama and their toughest challenges are ahead of them this weekend.