The links between sport and wine are plentiful. Simon and Chris had both been involved in commercial wine ventures since 2011 and brought their subsequent knowledge of the industry together with their considerable presence in the sport and business worlds. The idea was to create a wine club with a difference – an exclusive sporting dynamic.

At Sporting Wine Club we have made it our mission over the last couple of years to bring you the highest quality, award-winning Estate wines and spirits from around the world with a strong and authentic relationship to sport.

Ranging from world-class prolific sporting internationals to vineyards who have shown an extraordinary commitment to supporting local teams and sporting charities, we are honoured to be associated with such a unique and close group of amazing Winemakers producing sensational multi-award winning estate wines.

Co-founded by ex-International England rugby player and current Chairman of European Professional Club Rugby Simon Halliday, Sporting Wine Club was born out of Simon’s desire to share the stories behind these unique winemaking sporting families with his own family and friends back home. Bottling the core values of sporting communities; team spirit, good causes and of course, having a good time along the way, we have since grown into a members club where sport, wine and charity are celebrated as one. A winning combination we hope you will agree!


Our Sporting Wine Portfolio – the future

We are constantly expanding our sporting wine portfolio with the sole aim of sourcing the best estate-produced sporting wine from around the world. If you are a winemaker with a sporting connection and are interested in working with us then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on


Simon and Chris were initially introduced to the South African wine industry by their great friend and legendary Springbok Schalk Burger Snr, who along with his family, runs the stunning Welbedacht Estate in South Africa. They started bringing a range of ‘Schalk Burger & Sons’ wines back to the UK to share with their family and friends.

It wasn’t long before numerous people were contacting Simon and Chris to ask how they too could get hold of these fantastic wines with their great sporting origin. It quickly dawned on the pair that combining stunning Estate wine with great sporting stories and a charitable angle, provided a winning formula; thus the unique concept of the Sporting Wine Club was born.